Reinforcement ideas in the construction of two-story mobile container house

Update:11 04, 2020
Abst:The application of two-story movable container houses is becoming more and more ...

The application of two-story movable container houses is becoming more and more common. During construction, the use of correct reinforcement ideas can ensure the smooth progress of the project and can also prevent problems during installation.

Reinforcement ideas in the construction of two-story mobile container house

Reinforcement of mobile homes is carried out by qualified design units or scientific research units. The original components of the activity are designed for the reinforcement of the room, construction and commitment, and strive to reach the unit, the construction unit is based on the determined experience and more reasonable design and implementation of the level of the two-story movable container house.

The service life of the reinforced concrete structure house, by the owner and the design unit, as a result of the owner ’s project requirements or special needs, has a longer life, the measures should be taken to strengthen the second floor mobile container house. If necessary, experts will convene Meeting to discuss and determine the solution. The original earthquake-resistant design, the standard design of earthquake-resistant fortification of low-strength or old concrete house structures, and the reinforcement of the two-storey mobile slab house are mostly difficult to meet the design requirements.

Identify and inspect the design drawings of the modified construction drawings of the reinforcement, but also need to work with the new building construction documents, send the documents to review the construction drawings review department, if the original roof on the first floor facade or large temporary renovation on the main street, the second floor activity The design documents (including test reports, identification and evaluation data, design drawings and calculations) approved by the local planning department in the design of the board room should be lighter in the reconstruction design to reduce the seismic response and avoid the original basis. Carry out reinforcement; the layer should improve the use of steel structure roof, light maintenance structure; atomic structure, reduce or no reinforcement, to reduce the impact of the use of the house, reduce the power transmission of the original components of the second floor movable container house, should be clear, Simple structure, no damage or less damage to the existing structure, two-story movable container house construction is convenient, low cost program; need to consider the pressure caused by the strength increase caused by the strength of the material, should be another part of the new standard, regulations made Corresponding discount; should follow the simple and convenient construction of reinforcement, we can guarantee the quality of the second floor movable container house, This is a reason.

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