Keys and details of container building renovation

Update:14 08, 2020
Abst:When it comes to containers, what everyone thinks of is the carts that carry goo...

When it comes to containers, what everyone thinks of is the carts that carry goods. In fact, the role of containers is not only to transport goods, but it can also be used as container buildings such as container hotels and container homes.

Many hotel and guesthouse entrepreneurs have used containers to realize their dreams. Through unique creativity, container construction has subverted the public's impression of containers. They have transformed and remodeled containers, and transformed them into styles through modern decoration styles. Unique container hotel and bed and breakfast.

Take advantage of container transformation design:

The container hotel has certain advantages in some places. It can avoid the conditions of the land, and the cost is too small. It has strong plasticity and can be used to decorate the interior under a certain budget.

The strength of the container building itself is very high, and the ability to withstand even exceeds that of ordinary buildings, and it also has some anti-corrosion and fire-proof capabilities.

In terms of cost, it is cheaper than other buildings, time has also become an advantage, and it can be used twice without generating too much construction waste, and it can be moved when necessary.

Since the container building is built by the container itself, it can be used as a separate building or can be united in a form of composition to make the construction easier.

Containers are not only environmentally friendly, time-saving, labor-saving, and flexible. Compared with traditional housing, it can provide more choices. In case of disputes or natural disasters, its mobility is an advantage and can reduce property losses.

The service life of the container transformation room:

The lifespan of containers in the transportation industry is generally 10-15 years. After that, good and undamaged containers can be used for micro-buildings. Generally, they can be used for about 15 years. If the container construction is better, it can even be used. Lasts longer.


The container material is affected by the physical characteristics of its own metal structure, has strong thermal conductivity and poor thermal insulation performance, which makes the indoor thermal environment unstable. It is necessary to install an additional thermal insulation layer to effectively control the indoor thermal environment. In the southern region, it is necessary to shading the container box to insulate it, which can save energy consumption. In addition, the box body is easy to rust, and it is necessary to paint the inside and outside of the container with anti-rust paint to prevent rust.


As a long and narrow unit, if it is too closed, people outside will not understand what is inside the container and whether they can enter. To attract customers, transparency is a key point. The container is matched with large transparent glass, which can dissolve the original ugly and monotonous facade of the container, and at the same time provide good lighting for the originally small and closed dark space, so that a good visual relationship between the inside and the outside can be created. Open a cafe and dessert Everything in the store is very emotional. In addition, covering the top with a composite heat insulation board can block direct sunlight, reduce indoor temperature and heat accumulation.

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