How should the container house be strengthened?

Update:29 05, 2020
Abst:For the temporary container house (living area, office area and construction sit...

For the temporary container house (living area, office area and construction site), it is necessary to consider strengthening the anti-typhoon before the typhoon comes, to ensure the overall safety of the container house when the rainstorm and typhoon weather come. So, how should the container house be strengthened? What are the maintenance options?

1. Reinforcement measures

The concrete reinforcement method of the container house is as follows: φ48 × 3.0 steel pipes are used on the slab roof, each vertical is 3.64m, horizontally at the top of the roof, in the middle of the sloping roof and at the roof cornice.

The steel pipe grid frame is erected with fasteners. At the four corners of the board room and the middle of the two sides in the longitudinal direction, the ground anchor and the ground are used to reinforce the knot. Must be tightened (use hoist to tighten, or M12 flower basket bolt to adjust tension).

Note: The above reinforced large sample is the area where the board house is set. The surrounding (one circle) reinforced large sample house is to be tied on both sides of the two ends of the knotted wire rope, and one knot every 3.64m on each side in the middle. In the office area, in order to consider the appearance, the ground anchor can also use high-strength expansion bolts of more than 20.


2. Construction safety precautions

(1) In accordance with the guiding principle of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", in order to ensure the realization of the safety goal of the entire project, the implementation and implementation of safety technology management should be strengthened during the reinforcement construction of the container house.

(2) The personnel who set up the steel pipe grid frame must pass the current national standards, and the on-board personnel should undergo a physical examination, and those who pass the certificate can only carry out work with a certificate.

(3) The erection personnel must wear safety helmets, fasten seat belts, and wear non-slip shoes.

(4) The quality and erection quality of each component shall be inspected and accepted in accordance with the specifications, and shall only be used after being qualified.

(5) When there are strong winds of level 6 and above, fog, rain and other weather, construction work at high places should be stopped.

(6) After the rainy day, the inspection and acceptance must be carried out, and the operation can only be carried out after passing the test.

(7) High-altitude operators should make good division of labor and cooperation, and should not work alone, and the transmission rod should have a good center of gravity and be smoothly transmitted. Do not use excessive force to avoid imbalance of the person or the rod. For each completed operation, the next operation can only be carried out after asking and confirming each other.

(8) The operator should wear a tool bag, and install the tool in the bag after use to avoid falling and hurting people. The erection materials should be used with Chinese buildings to prevent them from being dropped when placed improperly.

(9) Before the operation, pay attention to check whether the working environment is reliable, the safety protection facilities are complete and effective, and confirm that the operation is correct.

(10) The ground anchor for container house reinforcement must be firm and reliable. The steel wire rope should be tightened. The steel wire rope should be secured with auxiliary ties such as iron wire to prevent it from sliding along the longitudinal direction of the steel pipe.

(11) When conducting electric and gas welding operations, fire prevention measures and special supervision must be provided.

(12) When erecting steel pipe grid racks, fences and warning signs should be set up on the ground, and special personnel should be assigned to supervise and prohibit non-operating personnel from entering.

3. Corrosion repair measures of angle iron bracket

The technological process determined according to the actual situation on site is: rust removal, base surface cleaning ---- primer coating ---- fireproof coating ---- topcoat coating ---- inspection and acceptance.

1. Derusting and cleaning of base surface:

First clean the rust, old paint film, oil stains, dust and other debris on the part to be painted, use a dry brush, a clean rag or compressed air to remove the dust on the surface of the steel, and then paint.

2. Primer coating:

Two solvent-based epoxy zinc-rich primers with a film thickness of 80 μm. Clean and remove dust on the base surface within 4-6 hours, and apply primer. Control the viscosity, consistency, and thinness of the paint, and stir thoroughly when mixing to make the paint color and viscosity uniform.

Unless there are special requirements, the ambient temperature of the construction should be 5 ~ 38 ℃, and the relative humidity should not exceed 85%. Before opening the bucket, the paint should be shaken well.

After opening the barrel, the original paint should be free from crust, agglomeration, gel, etc. If there is precipitation, it should be able to stir up to make the paint color and viscosity uniform. To adjust the viscosity, a special diluent must be used. If a substitute is required, it must be tested.

When applying the first coat of primer, the application direction should be the same, and the connection should be neat. When painting, the principle of dip and short brush should be used to prevent the brush from falling too much with the paint.

After the first pass, you should maintain a certain time gap to prevent the first pass before the second pass, which will cause the paint flow to wrinkle and reduce the quality.

After the first pass of drying, brush the second pass. The direction of the second pass should be opposite to the direction of the first pass, so that the thickness of the paint film will be uniform. After the primer is applied, the intermediate paint should be applied at least 24 hours apart.

3. Fireproof paint:

The ultra-thin fire-resistant paint for outdoor use shall be painted by the method of roller coating. When the thickness of the base coat meets the design requirements and is basically dry, the fire-resistant paint can be painted.

Fire retardant coatings are generally applied for 1 to 2 passes. If the first pass is from left to right, the second pass should be applied from right to left to ensure that the primer coat is completely covered.

4. Topcoat coating:

Apply two coats of epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint, with a paint film thickness of 80μm. Two fluorocarbon topcoats, with a thickness of 50μm.

The thinner mixed with the paint should be suitable and fully stirred. Its working viscosity and consistency should ensure that it does not drip during painting and does not show brush marks. The method and direction of painting are the same as the primer.

For the preparation of the top coat, choose a top coat with the same color. During the use, the top coat should be continuously stirred to maintain a uniform color.

5. Inspection and acceptance:

After coating, the color of the coating is the same, no wrinkles or pimples

4. Matters needing attention during construction:

1. During the construction process, it is necessary to ensure that the coating of each part meets the specified thickness requirements;

2. Construction personnel should wear gas masks or gas masks;

3. For contact violations, the construction personnel should wear work clothes, gloves and protective glasses, and try not to contact with solvents.

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