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Update:28 02, 2020
Abst:In addition to the quality of the board, the quality of the residential containe...

In addition to the quality of the board, the quality of the residential container house is also an important aspect of the quality of its doors, windows and hardware. If the quality of the doors, windows and hardware of the container house is not high enough, various factors will often appear during use. This kind of problem is very troublesome, so we need to understand how to ensure the quality of the windows and doors of the container house.

First, let's learn how to ensure the quality of residential container doors and windows:

1. The profile and wall thickness of the aluminum alloy doors and windows of the container house must meet the design requirements, and the accessories used should be stainless steel or galvanized.

2. Doors and windows must be installed properly, leaving a certain gap with the opening of the wall. The gap cannot be filled with cement mortar. It should be filled with elastic material and the surface should be sealed with sealant.

3. The installation of aluminum alloy door and window frames must be firm. The number, location, embedding method and frame connection method of the embedded parts must meet the design requirements. It is forbidden to use nails to install doors and windows on masonry. The opening direction and installation position of aluminum alloy doors and windows The connection method should meet the design requirements.

4. Aluminum alloy doors and windows must be installed firmly, and sliding fans must have reliable anti-falling measures. Doors and windows should be opened flexibly, closed tightly, without tilting or leaving the fan.

5. The surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows should be clean, flat, smooth and consistent in color and luster, without rust, scratches, and bumps.

6. The rubber sealing strips of aluminum alloy doors and windows and doors should be installed intact and must not be crimped and grooved.

Measures to prevent damage to the hardware of the residential container house:

1. The type, specification and performance of the selected hardware accessories should comply with the current national standards and relevant regulations, and match the plastic doors and windows of the mobile room.

2. For sliding windows with a width exceeding 1m, or double-glazed doors and windows, double pulleys or rolling pulleys should be used.

3. The sliding brace hinge shall not be made of aluminum alloy, but shall be made of stainless steel.

4. To install hardware with fastening screws, a metal lining must be provided inside. The thickness of the lining should be at least twice the tooth pitch of the fastener. Do not fasten to plastic profiles or use non-metallic linings.

5. Hardware accessories should be installed last. Doors and windows locks, handles, etc. should be assembled after the windows and doors are fanned into the frame to ensure correct positions and flexible switching.

6. Pay attention to maintenance after installation of hardware to prevent rust and corrosion. In the daily use of residential container mobile homes, lightly open and close to prevent hard opening and hard closing, causing damage.

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