Characteristics of the assembled container house

Update:20 03, 2020
Abst:1. The color steel plate is rolled by bonding the steel plate and polystyrene th...

1. The color steel plate is rolled by bonding the steel plate and polystyrene through an adhesive, which fully utilizes the characteristics of different materials, so that the movable house has good fire resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation performance.

2. All components of the assembled container house are standardized and prefabricated by the factory, which not only facilitates installation and disassembly, but also enriches the layout of the mobile board house and the functionality of the house by freely adding, reducing, and changing the positions of doors, windows, and partitions.

3. The component materials of the assembled container house can be recycled. After the components are galvanized, they can be used for 20 years without any construction waste during use.

4. The complete disassembly of the components of the assembled container house makes the house easy to transport and saves costs.

5. The steel structure system makes the mobile house have an excellent ability to resist the wind speed of 86.4km / h; the lightweight mobile board house structure makes the house show a good overall when it encounters an earthquake disaster that is stronger than the earthquake fortification intensity of 7 degrees. Sex.

6. The assembled container house adopts a cold-formed thin-wall light steel structure system, and the wall and roof are covered with a color steel composite sandwich panel.

7. The large-scale assembled container house surface adopts the structure waterproof design to enhance the air and water tightness of the house.

8. The assembled container house is light in weight and easy to install. Six skilled workers can install a house of 200 square meters a day.

9. When the assembled container house leaves the factory, you can choose to add accessories such as a suspended ceiling, disassembled ground, disassembled canopy, and colored steel doors according to the actual application.

10. The color steel plate movable board room has strong adaptability to the environment and is convenient for on-site installation. It can be used in a large amount as an economical and inexpensive temporary office and accommodation.

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