Technological methods of container loading and unloading


What are the technological methods of container loading […]

What are the technological methods of container loading and unloading

1. Sliding method

When the container is used for loading and unloading, the slip method will make the deck barge and tug as a sea transportation tool, and this method is suitable for offshore transportation. Because this work is very cumbersome, the process scheme of this method needs to be The preparatory work is done well. Reliable second-hand container loading and unloading requires operators to accurately grasp the tide level and barge performance.

2. Fork loading

The characteristic of this container loading and unloading process is the use of professional forklift ships that are suitable for transporting the entire loading and unloading bridge, and this will make the transportation of containers more efficient and safe for ocean transportation, and when this forklift method is used for loading and unloading There is no need to lay slideways and install sliding bearings, nor to consider the wharf structure, which has a significant effect on the loading and unloading of containers.

Three, sliding fork hybrid

The sliding fork hybrid is a combination of sliding mode and fork loading mode. In this way, because its front extension fork frame is too short and the fork frame cannot be directly extended to the two ends of the land side sliding beam support, it is necessary to load and unload the bridge. The loading and unloading can only be carried out after moving for a period of time, and most of the affordable second-hand container loading and unloading are basically carried out according to the sliding method and fork loading method, which requires the installation of sliding brackets to enable the smooth loading and unloading of the container.

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