How to detect the paint film of container houses

Update:16 09, 2022
Abst:How to detect the paint surface of container houses?​​1. Check the color and app...
How to detect the paint surface of container houses?​​

1. Check the color and appearance of the paint film

In order to determine the color of the container house paint film and its appearance, a visual method should be used to compare the color of the paint film and its appearance with the standard swatches. The standard samples were observed and evaluated. Before painting application, the paint color should be checked. After the paint on the test plate is dried, the color should be consistent with the color specified in the design; generally, it should be compared with the color standard of the standard color card; the appearance of the paint film should be uniform, dense, and full of luster.​

2. Paint film flexibility inspection

The flexibility of container house paint film is determined by bending the sample on mandrels of different diameters to indicate the diameter of the small mandrel that will not damage the paint film. The flexibility of the paint film refers to the bending of the paint film attached to the substrate. The comprehensive performance is related to the tensile strength, tensile strength, thickness and adhesion of the paint film.​

3. Determination of gloss of paint film

When the surface of the object is irradiated with light, the performance of light reflected in the direction is gloss. The gloss of the sample is expressed as the percentage of the regular reflection light on the surface of the standard sample, and the ratio of the regular reflection light quantity on the sample surface to the regular reflection light quantity on the standard sample surface.​

4. Water resistance test of paint film

The water resistance of the paint film refers to the test by immersing the paint film in water or boiling water. After reaching the specified time, it indicates the change of the surface of the paint film. Water resistance refers to the performance changes of the physical and chemical reactions of the paint film when it is immersed in water. The water resistance of the boxed house paint film is an important item to test the quality of the paint, because many paints are used in water for a long time, underground or in wet conditions, if When the paint film encounters water, i.e. peeling and wrinkling, it is an indication that the paint film has no protective properties.​

5. Paint film heat resistance inspection

The heat resistance of paint film refers to the change of rationality or surface after the paint film is heated in a blast furnace or a high-temperature furnace and reaches the specified temperature and time. The temperature range of various box-type housing coatings, if the temperature is too high or too low, will affect the quality of the paint film, especially under high temperature conditions, more attention should be paid to checking its heat resistance to prevent air bubbles and cracking after construction. , discoloration and other phenomena, lose or reduce the protective performance of the paint film, the price of container houses is not high compared with normal houses. This article is organized and published by Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd.:
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