Two Floor Prefab House Office Suppliers

Two Floor Prefab House Office

Two Floor Prefab House Office

Project Description

Prefab house is a mobile, reusable construction product. The characteristics of prefab house are that it can be  disassembled and assembled freely, which is convenient for transportation and movement. Prefab house is suitable for being located on hillsides, hills, grasslands, deserts and rivers. No take up space, the stability and durability of mobile homes is strong, and the appearance is beautiful. Designed according to customer requirements, exquisite and elegant, good thermal insulation performance, anti-seismic typhoon, comfortable and warm living, very suitable for the construction site workers to live.We used the high quality galvanized sheet and foam as the materials of the wall and roof .So the prefab house is good for fire proofing, water proofing, etc.



Product Name:

Prefab House


Hotel, House, Toilet, Villa, Booth, Office, Sentry Box, Guard,House, Shop, Toilet, Warehouse, Workshop, Plant, Other


Sandwich panel, Light steel structure


Steel Door frame, Steel doors


Plastics steel push-pull window

Roofing beam:

C80 steel, thickness 1.5mm, material Q235


C80 steel,thickness 1.5mm, material of Q235


Blue White or Red White

Interior panel:

Double-sided Color steel and Glass wool sandwich panels, thickness of 50mm, Color steel plate 0.326mm thick, material TST01,vertical connection



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