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Folding container house (also called collapsible container) refers to the main components of the container (wall panel, roof panel, etc.) can be simply folded or disassembled, and can be easily combined again when used. Its thickness is only 0.45 meters after being folded. With little space occupation, our folding container house combines the advantages of integrated type and disassemble type in the aspects of transport, storage, saving freight cost and ease of use, becoming the most popular container house product for its incomparable superiority. Besides, our folding container house has traditional container house’s characteristics of firmness, durability and so on.


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Folding container house
MaterialspecificationRaw material
Roof steel panel0.32×1000mmColor steel sheet
Wall panel0.32×50×950mmRock wool sandwich panel
Bottom beams2.3×60×6000mmSteel beams
Square tube40×80×1.8mmFloor square tube
Floor15×1180×2660mmMGO board
Waterproof folded parts1.5×65×80mmSteel
Side wall folded parts1.5×65×80mmPVC
Roof beams2.7×130×50mmSteel
Waterproof sealing40×30mmSlot seal
Door50×790×2000Steel door
Window50×925×1200Aluminum alloy sliding window
Hinge14×3Steel hinge



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