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Folding container house is simple and easy to install.Regular exported folding container house size is 2450(W)X5800(L)X2500(H)mm.It is prefered to galvanized steel,manufactured by advanced equipment, abandon the defects caused by traditional technology. Special waterproof design,it can be windproof and rainproof without glue.Safe and stable, cost saving and convenient transportation.You can stack 3 stories at most.Class A non-conbustible fire resistance rating and Senismic rating is Grade 8.


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Folding container house
Material specification Raw material
Roof steel panel 0.32×1000mm Color steel sheet
Wall panel 0.32×50×950mm Rock wool sandwich panel
Bottom beams 2.3×60×6000mm Steel beams
Square tube 40×80×1.8mm Floor square tube
Floor 15×1180×2660mm MGO board
Waterproof folded parts 1.5×65×80mm Steel
Side wall folded parts 1.5×65×80mm PVC
Roof beams 2.7×130×50mm Steel
Waterproof sealing 40×30mm Slot seal
Door 50×790×2000 Steel door
Window 50×925×1200 Aluminum alloy sliding window
Hinge 14×3 Steel hinge



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