What is the classification of building materials for container houses?


Nowadays, the utilization rate of container houses is e […]

Nowadays, the utilization rate of container houses is expanding, which is very common in many occasions. For example, construction sites and light steel villas are often called container mobile houses and residential containers. What is the classification of the building materials of the container house?

1. Aluminum alloy profile

The advantages of containers built with aluminum alloy profile materials are that they are light and easy to build, and the surface is very beautiful. This type of container house has high corrosion resistance and good ductility, which makes it extremely simple to operate at the production and processing level. The processing and maintenance costs of containers built with aluminum alloy profiles are relatively cheap.

2. FRP

The advantages of containers built with FRP raw materials are high compressive strength, rigidity, and large internal volume. This type of container house also has the characteristics of heat insulation and solvent corrosion resistance, and residential containers made of FRP are relatively easier to clean Cleaning up, even repairing, is relatively simple and convenient.

3. Wood

Containers built with wood raw materials have high impact toughness, strong resistance to damage to mechanical equipment, and can bear extremely large loads. Moreover, this kind of containers with timber support points can also be purchased and reused, which can reasonably save costs. Good residential containers are not rusty, low-carbon and environmentally friendly. When it becomes waste, it can be developed and utilized. It is conducive to build a reasonable space for everyone to solve problems.

4. Stainless steel plate

The advantages of using steel raw materials are firm structure, strong tightness, and strong electric welding. And Dian Gao’s residential container houses use stainless steel plates to carry out the construction of container houses. The finished container surface of this type of stainless steel plates is beautiful and elegant and its application probability is diversified. It is more prominent than ordinary stainless steel plates for acid resistance and is more durable. And this kind of raw material has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance and high compressive strength, so the application of this kind of stainless steel sheet metal sheet can achieve the purpose of fire resistance as soon as possible.

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