• Why do many scenic spots choose container houses


    Container houses are mainly used in various distribution centers, and its market reserves are getting higher and higher. Manufacturing production is increasing year by year, which to some extent shows...

  • Why Prefab House Choices Is a Smart Choice


    Prefabricated houses, sometimes called prefab houses or just prefabricated dwellings, are specialized, expert dwelling types of prefab construction, that are manufactured on-site either in individual ...

  • China-Pakistan Friendship


    Young people in Pakistan believe that China is a very successful country. "The friendship between our two countries has a long history and is a naturally friendly relationship." Today, we are pushing ...

  • Container shop


    Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure is a company specializing in the production of containers. We have many products, but container shops are our company's new products in 2021. Container shops, also know...

  • The specific purpose and maintenance of the two-story container house


    Two-story container house to relieve the urgent needs of the earthquake zone In the disaster area, the earthquake-resistant board house team dispatched from various places is working around the clock ...

  • In the steel structure building, have you done the installation requirements of the sandwich rock wool board?


    Composite rock wool board has the advantages of safety, fire safety, moisture-proof, thermal insulation, ecological environment protection, green ecology, ecological environment protection, etc., and ...

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