• The Benefits of a Modular Container Home


    Modular container homes have been constructed for commercial, domestic and industrial purposes for many years. They are built with the use of shipping containers to build housing on land where they ca...

  • Canadian customer modular container house


    Modular container house is a kind of prefabricated building. The characteristic of this kind of building is that the construction speed is fast, the weather conditions are reduced and the cost saving ...

  • Expandable Container House: Buy These Homes Online


    A 20 feet and a 40 feet are the most popular types of expandable container houses available in the market today. There are also other containers available in the market today which are also expandable...

  • Shipping container house delivery


    The container of Zhongnan Shipping was sent to Singapore. The customer customizes several shipping containers as warehouses. Suzhou Zhongnan Container Factory is located in Wujiang, Suzhou. The shippi...

  • New products of Zhongnan steel structure container house manufacturer launched


    Nowadays, there are various container mobile houses on the market, and there are many manufacturers. However, few container house manufacturers do shipping container houses. Zhongnan has been innovati...

  • Reasons to Consider a Modular Container Home


    Modular container home is a prefabricated residential housing unit, usually manufactured at a local factory, with pre-made materials easily accessible at the site. Every modular unit includes a bedroo...

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