• Merry Christmas


    Today is December 24, 2019, the eve of Christmas, which we also call Christmas Eve. At this moment, all the staff of Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure co.,ltd Wish foreign friends merry christmas and ha...

  • What should be done for the maintenance of container houses


    Modern has a new trendy building system. It is not only cheap to manufacture, but also has the characteristics of perfect living and entertainment facilities that reduce the heating temperature. It is...

  • Canadian customer visit Zhongnan factory


    Recently, Canadian customer Vicki visited our factory and was received by  Jenny. Vicki has communicated with our colleague online for a long time before coming to our factory. Vicki likes our assembl...

  • What is the role of modular container house


    Modular container house are more convenient, cheap and practical, and have high artistic value. Compared with ordinary buildings, modular container house have the advantages of convenience, mobility, ...

  • The domestic steel structure industry has great development potential


    Although the domestic steel structure industry has developed, it accounts for less than 1% of the national residential buildings and small and medium-sized bridges, and the development space is huge. ...

  • Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei steel structure assembly building will achieve new breakthroughs


    "Using 5-10 years, China's steel structure consumption will increase from 64 million tons in 2017 to 150 million tons, making it account for nearly 20% of steel production, reaching the average level ...

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