• Simple idea of container villa


    The container villa also has office functions. The hidden table can be pulled out as a front desk; folding floors can be set up for the upper meeting room; the upper bed can create a new office space....

  • How to avoid collapse of mobile homes in use


    The construction unit of the mobile house must have the corresponding technical qualifications, must be a legal enterprise, and have a specific construction plan. In this way, the construction technol...

  • Our services


    The high-quality services that container house companies can provide are better product quality, fast transportation and professional design teams. The composite materials used for cost-effective cont...

  • Container house price and maintenance


    The prices of container houses are different. According to their structure, they can be divided into packing boxes, assembling ideas, folding boxes and mobile board houses. The price of movable board ...

  • Pursuing a high quality of life-container house


    Prior to the emergence of container houses, a series of problems caused by congenital inadequacy of mobile house products, such as poor sound insulation, poor thermal insulation, poor thermal insulati...

  • About coronavirus


    China is determined and capable of winning the battle against the coronavirus. We all take it seriously and follow the government's instructions to contain the spread of the virus. The atmosphere arou...

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Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of residential container house (foldable container house, flat pack container house, assemble container house, corrugated container house)

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