• Shipping Container House - Build Your Own Home


    A shipping container home is any residential dwelling built from a shipping container, although the resulting buildings may be very different. Shipping containers generally come in two measurements, e...

  • Rock Wool Sandwich Panels


    The rock wool sandwich panel is highly efficient, lightweight, durable and safety while fulfilling all the criteria of construction insulation, noise insulation and fire resistance. After extensive gl...

  • The Steel Structure Container House


    Modular container houses are not entirely made up of steel, however. Most of the time, they are made up of a variety of materials. For example, steel is combined with aluminum, plywood, vinyl and othe...

  • The Benefits of Using a Prefab House Over a General Contractor


    A Prefab House is a custom made, off-the-shelf modular housing that is delivered to the client's premises ready for assembly and installation. Prefabricated houses, also known as prefab or prebuilt ho...

  • What You Should Know About the U Shape Container House Plan


    A U shape is a rectangular or square shaped room that is designed with one side longer than the other. This type of dormitory is popular for both students residing at the University of Michigan in Ann...

  • A Prefabricated Container House Is Available Here!


    Are you looking for a new, prefabricated container house for your home, business or estate? There are many different types of these container houses that are available for purchase and many of them ar...

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