• Zhongnan Team Building


      In December, Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. organized a team building activity. The purpose of this activity is to exercise the strong will of the employees and enhance the cohesion ...

  • What are the methods of sound insulation for container house?


    The container house uses light steel as the framework, sandwich panels as the enclosure material, and uses standard modulus series for spatial integration. The components are connected by bolts, which...

  • Christmas dress up office


    Christmas is coming. Our little friends dress up our office together, and the office is full of Christmas atmosphere.

  • Shipping Container Home Plans That Will Suit Your Needs For Years To Come


    Shipping Container Schools: Building materials are kept to a bare minimum. Of course, shipping container homes plans (2 panels, roofing / flooring material) could be as low as a third of that which ca...

  • The Advantages of Using Shipping Container Offices


    One of the main benefits of using a container office over an actual office building is its environment friendly attributes. If you're considering the options for a temporary office space then maybe a ...

  • Container house advantage


    The interior of the container office room is fully decorated, just like the ordinary office room you usually see. The container office has no special requirements for the site. If there is no need to ...

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