• Which China prefab house is better?


    There are many steps in the production of prefab houses. Today we will introduce the steps of installation and production of prefab houses! The prefabricated house is a kind of green and economic pref...

  • Container house for student accommodation


    With the increase in the enrollment rate and the large population flow today, container mobile houses are needed to solve the problem of tight student accommodation. Some schools do not have enough do...

  • Importance of container house quality


    The steel structure of the container house is the most widely used temporary housing reconstruction. The skeleton of the movable room is a steel structure, but its foundation is not like this. Almost ...

  • Dominica container house delivery


    On August 26, 2020, Dominican goods are packaged and shipped. The client bought two shipping containers, built a dormitory for workers, and a small toilet that was easy to move. Our Zhongnan container...

  • Can living container houses adapt to changing weather?


    The popularity of living container house gradually made it into people's horizons, and everyone gradually accepted this kind of house. However, some people are still not at ease. Compared with traditi...

  • Why do some tourist attraction choose container houses


    Container houses are mainly used in various distribution centers, and its market reserves are getting higher and higher. Manufacturing production is increasing year by year, which to some extent shows...

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