What are the effects of using paint on containers and fireproof coating

Update:11 06, 2020
Abst:The main functions of paint on container house materials are corrosion protectio...

The main functions of paint on container house materials are corrosion protection, cathodic protection and shielding.

1. Corrosion inhibition effect: The rust prevention effect of the paint depends largely on the corrosion inhibition effect of the rust prevention pigment. Zinc phosphate, for example, it has a basic type of complex talent, which can further complex polar groups and generate safe cross-linking complex, which not only enhances film water resistance and adhesion, the layout of color steel houses is in the appearance of light steel materials Together constitute the solid iron zinc phosphate-complex, which hinders the formation and development of corrosion and the decline in the corrosion rate of light steel layouts in color steel houses.

2. Cathode maintenance effect: The zinc powder cathode maintenance effect is adopted. The epoxy zinc-rich paint and inorganic silicate zinc-rich paint made have better anti-rust effect and are the primers in the heavy anti-corrosion system. The high content of zinc powder is in close contact with the light steel layout. Since the potential of zinc is lower than the light steel layout, the corrosion current will flow from zinc to the light steel layout. The corrosion products of zinc powder in the atmosphere dissolve alkali salts, they will fill the gaps in the paint, so it also has a maintenance effect.

3. Shielding effect: The paint is covered on the appearance of the light steel layout through excellent construction, which can effectively block the contact corrosion of the light steel layout and the external environment. In other words, the paint blocks the corrosion of corrosive ions such as oxygen and water vapor in the atmosphere to the data of the steel room layout of the light steel layout.

Fireproof coating should be paid attention to in the two-story container house:

1, can not be used for indoor steel structure fireproof coating paint bare steel components, there are workshop steel structure fireproof coating for outdoor use, due to wind energy, sun and rain, the fireproof coating weathering yellow, cracking phenomenon, completely lost the effect.

2. Don't use decorative fireproof coating steel structure mobile plants, decorative fireproof coating is mainly used for combustible substrates of wood structure, usually less than 1 mm thick, thin coating fireproof performance is a great discount than steel structure fireproof coating, its thermal insulation function Does not meet fire protection requirements.

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