The specific purpose and maintenance of the two-story container house

Update:16 04, 2021
Abst:Two-story container house to relieve the urgent needs of the earthquake zone In ...

Two-story container house to relieve the urgent needs of the earthquake zone

In the disaster area, the earthquake-resistant board house team dispatched from various places is working around the clock to build a neat and practical two-story movable board house for the victims. Due to its convenient disassembly and assembly, it plays a very important role in the reconstruction and rescue of the disaster area. Disaster relief activity board room

The construction standards are earthquake resistance, heat preservation, fire prevention, and heat insulation, and are equipped with liquefied gas, water supply, power supply facilities, etc., which can basically meet the daily needs of the victims. In addition, according to the proportion of the number of residents, the garbage room, toilets and other related supporting facilities will be implemented

Construction. It can solve the housing problem of the victims during the transition period.

Simple living: Most people will be unfamiliar with the two-story prefabricated house, but in modern architecture, it is widely used because of its unique advantages. Movable board house sandwich panels have thermal insulation, anti-corrosion and sound insulation, light weight and flame retardant, good seismic performance, strong

It is solid and beautiful, easy to install, increases the use area of ​​the house, and does not require secondary decoration.

Stable and reliable structure: The roof adopts structural waterproof design, without any additional waterproofing treatment. The interior and exterior walls and roof are bright in color, soft in texture, and flat. They are very harmonious with the steel frame of the house and have a good decorative effect. The interior of the house can be

It is also very decorative.

The decoration principle of the second-story container house is simple and flexible:

Practicality is its more important function, and there has been a preliminary space division in the design. The two-story prefabricated house does not need to be decorated on a large scale like the houses we usually live in, but in the process of living, it must be based on its architecture. Features,

Follow the principle of simplicity and flexibility for transformation or decoration.

Maintenance of the two floor container house:

Due to the simplicity of the structure of the prefabricated house, the prefabricated house should be inspected regularly. When using it, the prefabricated house needs to be maintained for a long time to extend the life of the prefabricated house. What maintenance items are required for the prefabricated house?

Preventing rust: Because the container house is a light steel structure, the skeleton and movable board will inevitably rust due to long-term wind and sun. Especially after the rain, the skeleton is easily rusted in the water, and the anti-corrosion paint is often repaired.

Avoid heavy pressure: There is a big difference between prefabricated houses and housing constructions. The outer wall is made of color steel plates. Do not beat or press hard on the outer wall panels. If there are holes in the color steel plates, apply glass glue in time to prevent moisture and Leaking.

Regularly clean up the small advertisements and clean water on the activity board to keep the appearance of the activity board clean and beautiful.

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