The correct choice of double-layer container mobile homes

Update:06 03, 2020
Abst:How to choose the double-layer container mobile home correctly, so that we can b...

How to choose the double-layer container mobile home correctly, so that we can be more convenient when buying.

1. If you are because of the small housing area, in order to expand the living space, you need to build a mobile home with high privacy requirements and a low economic level. Although this kind of product is not a sunny room in the strict sense, it is cheap and economical. The disadvantage is poor lighting and average ventilation. If the sunroof is opened, it will be greatly improved.

2. If you build mobile homes mainly for growing flowers and grass in winter, you need good ventilation and proper sunlight. Plastic steel windows should be used for peripheral maintenance. Glass roofs have large skylights. The price of this type of mobile home is low, but the indoor temperature is high in summer, and sunshade is required.

3. If you have a large housing area, especially villa buildings, your mobile home is mainly used for winter leisure, fitness, flower cultivation, etc., you should choose the overall mobile mobile home with a roof that can be moved open. This kind of movable house will not have the problems of poor lighting of the insulated board movable house and the high indoor temperature of the fixed-roofed movable house in summer.

4. If it is a mobile room that requires traditional architectural functions (such as a characteristic living room, study, activity room, etc.), it is advisable to choose a tempered hollow glass roof and a suitable amount of special hollow glass skylights. Composite hollow glass windows are used as peripheral maintenance products. In use, special sunshades, awnings, invisible screens and other products are also required.

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