The components and installation steps of the container house

Update:24 07, 2020
Abst:In recent years, as the pace of people’s lives has accelerated, people increasin...

In recent years, as the pace of people’s lives has accelerated, people increasingly like fast products. As a temporary building, container houses have been used in various fields. They can provide accommodation for migrant workers on the construction site and provide convenience for military exercises. However, due to improper installation, the use of personnel is limited. Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the installation of movable container accessories and the steps.

Component of prefabricated house:

1. Color steel plate: The national regulations use Class A flame-retardant materials, rock wool board, glass wool board, polyethylene (EPS), polyurethane materials, etc., with low heat transfer coefficient.

2. Steel frame: Generally, it is made of 2.b250m aluminum square pass according to the national industry standard. After the gasket and other parts are fixed with No. 18 screws, the surface is generally sprayed with dark blue anti-rust paint.

The two major raw materials used in the mobile container are color steel plates and steel frame, plus small parts connecting plates, windows and doors, glass glue, led light tubes, power circuit power switches, etc. Below I will describe how to install them for everyone. The installation is divided into the following processes.

Steps to install container house:

Basic pavement leveling is required. Because of the uniqueness of container mobile houses, basic concrete epoxy floors with a length of 6 meters and a total width of 3 meters need to be made or cut bricks. That way, no matter how many small boxes are in a row of houses Very clean, tidy and beautiful, the key function is to cater to the road and avoid strong typhoons.

Install the skeleton, fix the steel frame structure according to the nut to make it into a three-dimensional square body, check whether each pole is in a parallel line according to the level gauge, tighten the nut structure to reinforce it to ensure beautiful appearance.

The installation of color steel plates is a delicate work, and you cannot be careless. Ensure that each main control board is timely and tap gently with both hands to prevent tight water seepage without the card.

According to the installation of the above process, the foundation of the container mobile house is formed. The next step is to install windows and doors, and apply glass glue. Because the theme activity sea container application standard is strict, it is proposed to put glass glue on every connection position to complete the foundation.

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