The advantages of EPS rock wool sandwich panel compared with traditional materials

Update:14 05, 2020
Abst:1. Advantages Energy saving and excellent performance Insulation: The main mater...

1. Advantages

Energy saving and excellent performance

Insulation: The main material of the wallboard is antifreeze, preservation and heat preservation.

Insulation: Adjust the indoor temperature constant range.

Fire protection: EPS sandwich panel can withstand high temperature of 1000 ° C for 4 hours.

Waterproof: The test proves that the water container can pass the EPS sandwich panel without absorption and leakage.

Sound insulation: interior wall board material (EPS polystyrene particles), sound insulation and sound absorption function.

2. Simple construction process

Easy to install: a container house that is easy to build using our mounting materials (polyurethane foam and cement glue)

Shorter time: A 50-square-foot house, using EPS sandwich wall panels, three people can complete it a day, using traditional blocks, it will take at least seven days.

High safety performance

High strength: EPS and cement sandwich wallboard can be directly nailed or bolted.

Earthquake resistance: The seismic performance of EPS sandwich wallboard is 8.5.

Space and cost savings

Space saving: The thickness of EPS sandwich wallboard is 50mm-150mm, thin and solid new building materials. Compared with traditional materials, it will save a lot of building space.

Labor cost savings: Wall panels are easy and fast to build.

Basic cost savings: The weight of the wallboard is 1/12 of the traditional material, and it will save 2/3 of the cost in the building structure.

3. Detailed specifications

(1) Core material: EPS / asbestos

(2) Surface material: steel plate

(3) EPS density: 7 kg / cubic meter

(4) Thickness: 50 mm

(5) Width: 1150 mm

(6) Length: According to customer requirements,

(7) Application: wall, interior and exterior decoration materials, construction, etc.

(8) Widely used in common steel structure and layer addition projects, such as small steel structure plus layer industrial plants, warehouses, suburban temporary offices, schools, hospitals, etc.

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