The advantages and disadvantages of container farming

Update:16 01, 2021
Abst:The fresh product of "container farming" was formed under the background of the ...

The fresh product of "container farming" was formed under the background of the country's efforts to improve environmental protection and control environmental pollution of water bodies. Recently, “container farming” has become popular. Since cage fish farming in natural seas is strictly prohibited, the time limit for all-round dismantling has also been restricted; it has shown space for container farming.

The main advantages are the following:

1. Modular design and assembly, quick and convenient to build a factory. If you have been digging fish ponds on the land, it will take several months to excavate the earthwork of the light engineering construction.

2. Fragmentation, disease and insect pests are not easy to form large-scale outbreaks. In the basic cultivation of a fishing pond, it will be more than ten acres or even dozens of acres. If the disease occurs, all the fishing ponds will have problems, and the container is a fragmented individual , All are independent, the pests and diseases of one container are not easy to cause harm to other containers.

3. Resource saving and environmental protection. In fact, this reason is the root cause of the government’s vigorous development at this stage. Its water quality can be used repeatedly. It is a good way for inland areas with little water. At the same time, its feces and organic chemical debris can be eliminated from the water quality. Can have an environmentally friendly effect.

4. The fish is relatively convenient, because the container can be transported, if the chip is applied on the movable platform or the lifting equipment is used when the plant is planted, then the fish does not require labor.

5. The relative impact of the environment is relatively small. The most worrying thing about people going outside the pond for planting is the change of the water body caused by the sudden temperature change, and the container is counted as a closed system, and the relative damage from the temperature is relatively small.


1. The project investment cost increases, and usually the farms cannot afford it. At this stage, if it is not done by well-known companies, or it is done with national project subsidies, large, medium and small farms are rarely involved.

2. Pests and diseases are prone to multiple occurrences. Densification can not deal with disease problems. On the contrary, dense cultivation is very easy to form various diseases. So the symptoms are frequent, and the amount of medicine is not easy to be small.

3. Operation costs increase. There is basically no natural knowledge economy in container cultivation. All are maintained by mechanical equipment, which consumes much more electricity than ordinary fishing ponds.

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