Steps of the container house installation and several major technical points of installation

Update:03 04, 2020
Abst:Step 1 The second-floor container house is similar to the building. When levelin...

Step 1

The second-floor container house is similar to the building. When leveling the surroundings and the foundation of the partition wall, reinforced concrete or 24 bricks are required, which is relatively strong. Then the vertical column is connected with the frame through the beam, and the upper partition, the outer wall panel and the door and window frame are connected. Then install floor purlins, install stairs, lay the floor, install another floor up, and then install the roof truss and roof slab. Then, install the doors and windows and pull the vertical bracket. There are also sanitary appliances, hardware, etc.

Step 2

In fact, this is a light steel structure, which is very similar to a heavy steel structure plant. Concealed project of container house means that during the construction process, after the previous process is completed, it will be covered by the next process, and all parts that cannot be accepted after completion will be renovated. The "concealed project" is the key. "Project" is not done well, and even the beautiful surface decoration is in vain.

Step 3

"Concealed works" can be divided into water installation, electrical installation, moisture-proof, waterproof and other projects. Each of these projects cannot be ignored. If something goes wrong, it may cause serious economic losses and even harm personal safety. The construction technology and material identification of the waterproof project can avoid unnecessary economic losses and injuries.

Technical points

1. There is no obvious deformation of the surrounding board (roof board and wall board) of the container house, the damaged fixing bolts, waterproof pads, metal pads, nylon sleeves, etc. are complete, and the reliable connection of the sealant is completely effective.

2. The second-floor container house panels should be installed flat, the eaves should be straight, and the overlapping direction of the panels should be correct and consistent.

3. The installation of the attached wall panel should be correct, and the surface should be flat; the installation of the embedded wall panel should be flat, the upper and lower lap joints should be grooved, the side panels should be lapped downward, and the lap length should not be less than 15 mm.

4. The clear laying of circuits in the container house uses PVC pipes (slots), and the wiring is neat and beautiful. The electrical equipment configuration meets the design requirements; there is no insulation aging and extension of the line.

5. Fire resistance: The fire separation should meet the design and specification requirements, the fire protection channel should be unobstructed, the configuration of the fire extinguisher should meet the design requirements, the fire prevention and heat insulation measures of the reasonable configuration of the kitchen and other fire sites should be effective, the metal surface interlayer board oxygen index is above 32, wood Combustible materials such as floors should be treated with fire.

6. Lightning protection: The lightning protection grounding setting meets the design and specification requirements; the grounding resistance should be qualified.

7. Anti-corrosion: The steel components should be well-painted and free of rust, and the exposed bolts should be properly protected; the anti-corrosion measures in strong corrosive environment should meet the design requirements; the surroundings of the container house should be unobstructed and free of accumulated water.

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