Sound and heat insulation of container houses

Update:19 06, 2020
Abst:Solutions for realizing the heat insulation effect of container house If you wan...

Solutions for realizing the heat insulation effect of container house

If you want the outside temperature to have a small effect on the indoor temperature, there are several methods:

1. The thickness of the foam is increased during the construction of the container house, which plays a good role in thermal insulation.

Second, rock wool also has a certain thermal insulation effect.

3. Use black steel plate with polystyrene foam inside, which is processed into a new type of building material, which has high thermal insulation effect.

If the color steel plate room adopts polystyrene as the sandwich panel, it must pay attention to fire prevention measures. For example: electric welding cannot be carried out near the wall, fire prevention devices should be installed in the winter heating stove, metal pipes should be used for indoor wiring, and the metal pipes should be reliably grounded or refractory materials should be used to strengthen the fire protection measures.

If you want to pass through the wall, you should add a casing for protection. It is strictly forbidden to use a blowtorch on this material for the roof that needs to be waterproofed! In the open area, the roof should be equipped with a lightning rod when the roof tile is less than 0.6 mm.

Color steel plate room should pay attention to windproof. The color steel plate room is light in weight, simple in structure, and weak in wind resistance. In order to improve the wind resistance, please try to choose a board room of a regular manufacturer as much as possible. Customers who have installed a panel house that does not have wind resistance can be remedied on the roof along the length of the panel house by fixing 4×4 angle steel with drill tail wire above the front and rear walls.

For light-weight steel structure houses, it should be noted that the purlin model should not be too small, and after the completion of construction, the connection and reinforcement of each part should be checked. Strengthening fire prevention measures has attracted attention.

The sound insulation performance of the container house.

Anyone who has used a traditional mobile home must know that its sound insulation is not ideal. You can hear the upstairs speech and footsteps. This is mainly because there is only a thin layer of wood between the two floors of the board room. The resonance effect of the wood is relatively large, and the sealing is poor, and the sound insulation effect is naturally poor. This is not only for daily office work or the life of workers. Come in great inconvenience. The structure of the container house is completely different from that of the traditional mobile board house. The first and second floors of the container house belong to different boxes. The floor material of each independent box is steel, cement and ceramic tiles, and the thickness is more than 20 cm. This structure is much better than the sound insulation effect of the movable board room. In addition to the concrete floor on the first floor of the movable board room, the above floors are re-used wooden boards, and the sealing and sound insulation effects are worse.

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