Some measures should be taken to prevent damage to the hardware fittings of the prefabricated house

Update:08 08, 2020
Abst:As we all know, the prefabricated houses are exposed to the outdoors and are oft...

As we all know, the prefabricated houses are exposed to the outdoors and are often exposed to the sun, rain, wind and rain. Therefore, the hardware fittings connecting the various parts of the movable board room are easily corroded or deteriorated. At this time, we can take some measures to prevent the hardware fittings from being damaged.

1. Aluminum alloy materials should not be used for sliding hinges of doors and windows, but stainless steel materials should be used.

2. The type, standard and function of the hardware fittings should conform to the current national standards and relevant regulations, and match the plastic doors and windows of the movable house.

3. Pay attention to maintenance after use of hardware to avoid rust and corrosion. In normal use, lightly open and close gently to avoid hard opening and hard closing, which may cause damage.

4. For sliding windows with a width exceeding 1m, movable panel houses or doors and windows with double-glazed windows, double pulleys should be installed, or roll pulleys should be used.

5. The door and window locks and handles of the movable panel house should be assembled after the window and door leaf is put into the frame to ensure accurate orientation and sensitive switching. In the construction of mobile homes, a layer of paint is usually sprayed on the wall surface, which is to slow down corrosion, protect the wall, and prevent rust.

6. Use fastening screws to install the hardware. It is necessary to install a metal liner. The thickness of the liner should be less than twice the pitch of the fastener. It must not be fastened to plastic profiles, and non-metallic linings must not be used.

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