• Two Story Container Houses


    Many people wonder why a 2 story container house would be a good choice for their new home. Well, the reason is simple. If you are looking to live in a small home with limited space, then a tiny conta...

  • The Advantages of Modular House Systems


    What are modular homes? These homes are manufactured as a set and then put together into one complete building. In this article we will take a look at the top 10 advantages of modular homes. The first...

  • The Benefits of a Dormouse With a U Shape Container House


    The U shape is a perfect way to design your dormitory. If you are looking for the ideal dorm room design, then the U shape is probably one of the best ones you can use. More than just being a perfect ...

  • Shipping Container Offices - How They Work


    The advantages of using a shipping container office are fast turnaround times, lower cost per square foot, easy to use pre-constructed material without additional building materials, simple to operate...

  • Folding Container house instructions


    Folding container houses have good economic value and simple structure, so they are widely used in various industries. 1. The folding box house of the movable house is made of bonding steel plate and ...

  • Why is EPS board so popular?


    As a new type of building decoration material for construction engineering, EPS board has many advantages. It is not easy to be damaged by welcome operating temperature changes, is resistant to low te...

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