• Wonder:Build a hospital in ten days


    Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital is constructed by  container houses and stacking more than 300 container houses. On the evening of January 26, Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. of Wujiang District ...

  • Simple idea of container villa


    The container villa also has office functions. The hidden table can be pulled out as a front desk; folding floors can be set up for the upper meeting room; the upper bed can create a new office space....

  • What are the materials for container houses? How to maintain it?


    In the field of temporary construction, the container house is a very popular building. It is widely used in various industries. With the continuous development of container houses, the demand for thi...

  • Five steps to customize a container house


    One way of housing is to live in a container house, so container house manufacturers vigorously promote their products. Now many manufacturers are engaged in the development, design and manufacture of...

  • Advantages of new container house


    Many construction sites also use container board houses instead of traditional mobile board houses. Especially the professional container board house has a high application rate. Container mobile hous...

  • How to distinguish the quality of container houses


    Due to the widespread use of the container office, which facilitates transportation and saves money and time, many factories will choose container houses as temporary residences. The quality of these ...

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