• Technological methods of container loading and unloading


    What are the technological methods of container loading and unloading 1. Sliding method When the container is used for loading and unloading, the slip method will make the deck barge and tug as a sea ...

  • The advantages of EPS rock wool sandwich panel compared with traditional materials


    1. Advantages Energy saving and excellent performance Insulation: The main material of the wallboard is antifreeze, preservation and heat preservation. Insulation: Adjust the indoor temperature consta...

  • Container house construction and use


    Container house are now very common on the construction site. As a place for on-site staff to rest and work, there are of course many young people who pursue fashion choose to design fashionable Conta...

  • Benefits of container toilet


    The Container toilet not only saves water but also is more ecological and environmentally friendly. With the continuous improvement of the scientific level, there are more and more types of Container ...

  • Do you know the interior decoration process of the container


    Interior decoration process of the container 1. The container house of the whole crane series adopts a light steel structure system, and the walls are covered with composite EPS insulation wall panels...

  • Advantages of light steel structure houses


    The performance of the light steel structure is much higher than that of the traditional brick-concrete residence. The traditional house has been criticized for a long time because it does not have ea...

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