• Characteristics of the assembled container house


    1. The color steel plate is rolled by bonding the steel plate and polystyrene through an adhesive, which fully utilizes the characteristics of different materials, so that the movable house has good f...

  • Benefits of custom container houses


    Customized container houses are a building system that hits the fashion trend again and again, and can be moved to any place at any time and place, bringing more convenient and comfortable life to peo...

  • The correct choice of double-layer container mobile homes


    How to choose the double-layer container mobile home correctly, so that we can be more convenient when buying. 1. If you are because of the small housing area, in order to expand the living space, you...

  • Container house hardware damage prevention - door and window


    In addition to the quality of the board, the quality of the residential container house is also an important aspect of the quality of its doors, windows and hardware. If the quality of the doors, wind...

  • Is the paint on the container house important?


    In an article, many inconspicuous things can determine its life span, or it is beautiful. Maybe you don't pay much attention to this aspect, but we can't ignore it. The container is the same. So why i...

  • How to improve the living environment of prefab house


    Although prefab house brings great convenience to people, it is not as comfortable to use as their own home. Prefab houses are generally used for temporary needs, and the houses they live in are long-...

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