Mobile home construction requirements

Update:17 07, 2020
Abst:Mobile homes are a very widely used type of housing. With the development of soc...

Mobile homes are a very widely used type of housing. With the development of society, mobile homes are constantly developing to adapt themselves to the society. However, when building mobile homes, we also have these specific specifications and requirements to ensure this The use of this kind of house is safe. So what are the specific requirements?

1. Fire protection requirements. From the current point of view, fire protection has become one of the basic requirements of mobile homes, and it is also the primary requirement. With the gradual cooling of the current weather, fires also occur frequently. For fire protection of mobile homes It must also be noted and required.

2. The requirements of steel materials are related to the stability of the movable board house. Therefore, when choosing the movable board house, one that meets the specifications must be used.

3. Staircase requirements, if the mobile slab house is on the second floor, then for this mobile slab house, if the building length exceeds 20m or the single-story area exceeds 150 m2, two staircases shall be provided. An additional 20m should add a staircase.

4. The requirements of the load, the strength of the load are directly related to the safe use of the mobile slab house, whether it can withstand a certain degree of snow load and wind load, so it needs to pay great attention. 5. Lightning protection requirements, because the lightning strike will cause damage to the mobile board house, so the construction of the mobile board house needs to be related to lightning protection design to ensure its safe use.

6. ​​Keep a safe distance of at least 6 meters between the color steel movable houses.

7, 30-50 square meters of fire extinguisher with one, each point must be more than 2 and less than 5, 3-4 kg, if there is oil, there must be fire sand.

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