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Update:03 09, 2020
Abst:The steel structure of the container house is the most widely used temporary hou...

The steel structure of the container house is the most widely used temporary housing reconstruction. The skeleton of the movable room is a steel structure, but its foundation is not like this. Almost all the foundations are concrete structures, and the steel structure of the movable panel house needs the hardness of the foundation. Decide whether to perform special treatment on the hardness of the foundation, and consolidating the foundation is extremely important for engineering. The hardness test must be carried out first. The special terrain and the hardness of the foundation are quite different for the manufacture of mobile houses. Special treatments should be made. The steel structure mobile house can be installed smoothly. The technicians should carry out the measurement early to complete the foundation. After the measurement, the next step is to pour the foundation.

The main point at this time is that it is necessary to measure the level first. After pouring, the level error should be controlled within 10mm. The level of the bottom surface must be within the error, so that it will not affect the subsequent work process, the concrete label, under normal circumstances, the base is C20 and there is no steel inside. Of course, under special terrain or other unresistible conditions, it should be based on the technical staff The determination of the final plan comes to the top.

The importance of the quality of the container mobile house. If the thickness of the channel steel in the container mobile house is not up to the standard, as long as it is under external pressure, the quality of the container mobile house will be deformed in the later period, which will naturally be affected in the later period. The service life of the container mobile house in the later period. The container mobile house will naturally not change in a short period of time, and the quality will appear simple deformation, collapse and other problems in the later period of time application, which may endanger the living in the container mobile house. Therefore, there are certain criteria for the selection of channel steel for residential containers, and it is not possible to use lower-than-standard channel steel materials because of cost savings. This is very simple to cause problems.

Is material selection environmentally friendly and cost-effective? The use and maintenance of containers are largely related to the quality of materials. When reliable container manufacturers choose materials, they will be more inclined to recycle recycled materials based on traditional materials. Whether the material of the container has good abrasion resistance, whether it is used for a long time in a humid and corrosive environment, and whether it is waterproof, windproof, heat-insulated, sealed, etc., which process can be distinguished?

Is the manufacturer's reputation and operational development qualifications reliable? When choosing a container manufacturer, we must learn more about the development background and strength. Those trustworthy manufacturers will provide a complete set of system solutions in production, sales, service, research and development, as well as some container manufacturers and many well-known companies. Has long-term cooperation experience, and has obtained factory certification and product certification from related agencies. If you want to know which method is more suitable for the container, you should pay attention to the design of the container. Professional and technical personnel will combine the actual use environment and materials according to the specific needs of users.

The quality of the container will greatly affect the use effect. Features The quality of the container is insulated, easy to clean and maintain, and has good airtightness.

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