How to clean container mobile house

Update:30 07, 2020
Abst:We can often see container mobile houses in many places. On construction sites, ...

We can often see container mobile houses in many places. On construction sites, they are usually used as temporary residences for construction workers and some temporary office spaces. In some shipping or docks, they are usually used to load goods. However, there are even some hotels and villas that have launched the more popular container mobile house format in recent years, allowing consumers to feel a different user experience. Cleaning the container mobile house is a skill, not only cleaning, although the cleaning steps are more convenient, but there are still many details that need attention.

The cleaning of the container mobile room is mainly to disinfect the whole. During the high temperature degreasing cleaning process, the staff should pay attention to the protection of high temperature damage. The safety of personnel is an important step in doing anything. Before cleaning the container mobile room, the internal things should be It can be done after all are cleared. The personnel performing the disinfection operation need to hold a valid work permit to be able to work to avoid personal and cleaning errors caused by unfamiliar operations. In addition, the equipment and tools used in cleaning and cleaning the container mobile house must meet the requirements.

When cleaning the container mobile house, the surrounding area should be isolated with isolation belts, and then a warning line should be set up and prompted to remind the passing pedestrians and motor vehicles that the construction is in front of them to avoid some unnecessary safety accidents. In addition, the cleaning of the container mobile house also needs to refer to its melting point and customer requirements. The internal steam pressure and the cleaning time of the container mobile house need to be controlled to ensure the smooth completion of the entire cleaning work.

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