Five steps to customize a container house

Update:11 01, 2020
Abst:One way of housing is to live in a container house, so container house manufactu...

One way of housing is to live in a container house, so container house manufacturers vigorously promote their products. Now many manufacturers are engaged in the development, design and manufacture of integrated house technology, integrated technology of container house, modular design, research and development, production and processing of color steel plate, light steel structure, research and development of energy-saving composite materials, and research and development of low-carbon and environmentally friendly houses.

The container house has many advantages. It is waterproof and windproof. It uses sturdy materials to make the product durable and durable, so its service life is up to 20 years. For the disaster-stricken area, what they are most eager to get is an earthquake-proof product, and the container house also has the characteristics of earthquake-proof, so that people can rest assured that they can live in class without worrying about the sudden aftershocks because the container house is Their best umbrellas give them hope for the future.

Container house customization factory customization five steps

Container house unwinding-pretreatment-machining-welding-paint-decoration

1. It can be used repeatedly for a long time and has sufficient strength.

2. Transit on the way can be directly changed without moving the goods in the box.

3. It can be quickly loaded and unloaded, and can be directly changed from one type of transportation to another type of transportation.

4, easy to fill and empty the cargo.

5, with a volume of 1 cubic meter (ie 35.32 cubic feet) or more. Only a large loading container that meets the above five conditions can be called a container.

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