Environmental protection related issues of second-floor container house

Update:10 07, 2020
Abst:In the modern two-story container house market, the requirements for environment...

In the modern two-story container house market, the requirements for environmental protection are increasing. At the same price, container houses with better environmental performance will sell more. So for such a wide range of use, cheap, and convenient container house, what are the environmental issues? How is it reflected?

Install flat pack container house:

The panel installation of the container house should be stable, the cornice should be straight, and the overlapping direction of the panel should be correct.

The roof of the container house and the wall panel should not have obvious deformation and damage. Fixing bolts, waterproof washers, metal washers, nylon sleeves and other connections are complete and reliable. The sealant is intact and effective. steel container house is widely praised by its quick pack, easy assembly, modular design, low cost and environment protection.

The wall panel should be installed correctly, the second layer of movable panels should be flat; the embedded wall panels should be laid flat, and the overlap should be connected up and down. The outer plate should be grounded, and the lap length should not be less than 15 mm

The wiring in the container house should be covered with PVC pipe grooves, and the wiring should be neat and beautiful. The electrical configuration meets the design requirements; the insulation will not age.

Lightning protection: Lightning protection grounding should meet design and specification requirements; grounding resistance has passed inspection.

Anti-corrosion: Steel components should be painted correctly and must not be corroded. Exposed bolts should be properly protected. The anti-corrosion measures in the strong corrosion environment meet the design requirements; the movable boards around the house should be drained smoothly without water and debris.

The fire protection distance shall meet the requirements of the design code, and the fire protection exit shall be flat. Fire hydrants and fire extinguishers should be configured according to the design requirements and the layout is reasonable. The kitchen fire prevention and heat preservation measures should be effective; the oxygen content of the fireproof metal sandwich panel index should not be less than 32, and attention should be paid to the fireproofing of combustible materials such as wooden floors.

Container houses are known for their environmental performance during use. For many people, this product may not be well-known.

Environmental protection effect of the second-floor container house

Modern times are an era of environmental protection, and this requirement also applies to social practice. It will also distinguish between environmentally friendly products and environmentally unfriendly products, especially in the production of certain products. In terms of R&D and production, China is also slowly moving towards producing environmentally friendly products. The container house has its own environmental protection features. The environmental protection of the container house is multi-faceted. On the one hand, the use of the material itself, on the other hand, the impact on the built environment during the construction process will not produce pollution or harmful substances.

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