Do you know the interior decoration process of the container

Update:26 04, 2020
Abst:Interior decoration process of the container 1. The container house of the whol...

Interior decoration process of the container

1. The container house of the whole crane series adopts a light steel structure system, and the walls are covered with composite EPS insulation wall panels. All wall panels and accessories can be folded and packaged, and the installation is simple, suitable for long-distance mass transportation and export shipping. Reference size: (mm) 6058 * 2438 * 2591 The size of the outlet cabinet is relatively reduced (5850 * 2300 * 2700). 40 ft container can hold 6-8 container houses.

2. The roof, ground, and circuit system are completely prefabricated by the factory, which makes the installation on site easy and fast, and shortens the time interval from building to use.

3. The steel structure system makes the house have an excellent ability to resist the wind speed of 120km / h; the light weight structure makes the house show good integrity when it encounters an earthquake disaster that is 8 degrees stronger than the seismic fortification intensity.

4. The house can be transported as a whole, or compressed and packaged.

5. The basic production volume on site is small, and can be used after being delivered to the site.

6. The house can be recycled and can be used for 20 years without any construction waste.

7. The roof is designed with waterproof structure to enhance the airtightness and watertightness of the house.

8. When the house leaves the factory, you can choose to add decorative accessories such as awnings according to the actual application.

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