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Update:14 02, 2020
Abst:This container house is a method of imitating a shipping container. The inner la...

This container house is a method of imitating a shipping container. The inner layer of the wall is added with thermal insulation layers such as rock wool and glass wool, and the innermost side is blocked with a fireproof wall plate. Another type is a color steel sheet structured room. The frame is welded with square pipes and C-shaped steel, and 50mm thick color steel sheet is used as the wall panel. Both types of container houses are welded at the factory, and if customers rent or buy them, they are delivered directly to the construction site. Detachable container mobile homes At present, the main disadvantage of this type of residential container housing is that it cannot be folded. An ordinary truck can only transport one during transportation, which greatly increases the cost of transportation.

If enterprises engaged in container leasing adopt this method, the utilization rate of the site can be greatly reduced. Originally, a maximum of 3 square meters can be placed on an 18-square-meter area, and now 15 can be placed. The original car could only transport one, but now it can transport five. Detachable container mobile homes, such as demountable container mobile homes, learn from the technology of demountable containers exported from foreign countries. They use four columns as the main support to connect the upper and lower bottom frames, and use screw connections to fix the container into one. Overall, compared with ordinary welded containers, the sturdiness does not decrease. The beneficial value generated in the later use process is great.

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