Container house construction and use

Update:10 05, 2020
Abst:Container house are now very common on the construction site. As a place for on-...

Container house are now very common on the construction site. As a place for on-site staff to rest and work, there are of course many young people who pursue fashion choose to design fashionable Container house, so how to build an container house?

1. Skeleton welding, after determining the number of people living in the mobile home, the area of ​​the mobile home can be calculated, and then the skeleton of the mobile home should be welded. Generally, steel frame, channel steel, and square steel welding are used, and the spacing is 30CM- Between 40CM, then the welding of the surrounding columns and the four-sided ring beam.

Second, the color steel plate splicing, the material of the general movable room is color steel plate, the wall panel and the roof adopt 50MM purification plates, both sides are white, and then the door and window positions of a uniform size will be left, the chassis is the building template, there are certain The thickness can support hundreds of kilograms.

3. Lay the floor. After the main structure of the house is built, a protective decorative layer should be laid on the ground floor, so that it can be clean and waterproof, and it also has a beautiful effect. In general, this protective decorative layer mostly chooses floor leather, which is cheap, easy to use and beautiful.

4. Install lighting facilities, socket switches, and reserved air conditioning holes. The general lighting settings are installed in the middle of the mobile home, so that all corners can be illuminated. The switch is generally installed at the doorway, and the socket is generally at a distance. About 60 cm above the ground, the air conditioning hole is generally diagonally opposite the door.

Fifth, sealing and anti-theft treatment, anti-theft doors and windows must be installed after the basic construction of the mobile room is completed, so as to ensure safety, after the anti-theft doors and windows are installed, sealing treatment is also required to prevent water and air leakage inside the mobile room To ensure the safety and comfort of people ’s lives.

What are the uses of containers?

1. Disaster area rescue station

2. College student dormitory, school

3. Toilet

4. Emergency rescue mobile command station

5. Residential area as a shop

6. Outdoor car advertising publicity house

7. Hotel

Of course not only for these usage, you can use it in more places.

What are the characteristics of container house?

1. The house is a new type of house building that is made of steel materials and connected by bolts, and has both integrity and flexibility.

2. The flexibility of the house is particularly prominent, and the TV can be easily completed with a crane only when changing work.

3. The emergence of on-board container houses has established a new type of temporary house concept and achieved universal standardization of temporary buildings.

4. The interior decoration of the house is sound, can be connected to external power, and electrical appliances such as air-conditioning and TV can be placed inside, so that you can live comfortably.

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