Classification and application advantages of Colored steel container house

Update:24 06, 2020
Abst:What are the categories of colored steel container house? When buying a room mad...

What are the categories of colored steel container house? When buying a room made of colored steel plates, there are many people who have various questions about how to choose and how to suit themselves. Because your housing area is small, in order to expand living space, if the privacy requirements of the constructed activity room are high and the economic level is low, you can choose the insulation board roof, plastic steel plate and insulation wall as peripheral maintenance products. Although such a product is not a suite in the strict sense, it is low in price and very practical. The disadvantages are poor lighting and good ventilation. Increasing the opening will significantly improve.

Glass sunshine type color steel plate combination house: If you build the color plate mobile house mainly for growing flowers and grass in winter, the mobile house needs to have better ventilation, proper sunshine, and plastic steel windows should be selected for peripheral maintenance, and the glass roof should be opened. Color board activity room with larger skylight. The price of this type of mobile home is low, but the indoor temperature in summer is high and a sun shade is required.

High-end villa-type color steel plate combination house: If your housing area is large, especially villa-type buildings, your color-plate activity room is mainly used for winter leisure, fitness, flower cultivation, etc., it is advisable to choose the overall mobile color that can be moved and opened on the roof Board activity room. This type of activity room will not have the problems of poor lighting in the insulation board type color board activity room and high indoor temperature in the summer in the fixed lighting roof type activity room.

The color steel house has the advantages of large span capacity, light weight, fast construction speed, waterproof and no leakage, and long service life. Suitable for warehouses, workshops, workshops, exhibition halls, breeding plants, auditoriums, libraries, classrooms, lecture halls, sports venues, markets, residences, etc. Due to its light weight and short design and construction cycle, it is particularly suitable for the addition of various buildings and renovation of old houses. The metal roof forming technology perfectly combines the construction industry with machine automation to make roof construction simple. Metal roof forming, own machinery, on-site production and installation, low labor intensity, high production efficiency, and fast construction speed are favored by architects.

Comparison between metal arched roof and traditional structure: large span (6-42M optional), no beam, no purlin, no support, open space, excellent internal clearance. The construction cost is low and economical. The roof integrates heat preservation, heat insulation, ventilation, and lighting, and is a self-contained system. The construction speed is fast, and every 10,000 square meters of roof construction can be completed in about 20 days. Light weight and long service life: The light-weight colored steel plate is very suitable for building addition and old building renovation, with a service period of 50 years. Beautiful shape, colorful (12 colors to choose arbitrarily), unique style, novel and rhythmic, with permanent waterproof and no leakage effect. Application: temporary office.

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