Causes and Treatment of Water Leakage in Container House

Update:04 06, 2020
Abst:The use of container houses breaks the traditional application of mobile houses....

The use of container houses breaks the traditional application of mobile houses. It is fast, convenient, low cost and recyclable. At the construction site, we often see the figure of the container house and house, which is generally a resting place for workers to provide accommodation, as well as on-site office space. Therefore, the quality of houses must be guaranteed, especially in the rainy season, many houses will leak, which seriously affects the living experience. So why does it leak? Here is a tip:

First, during installation and use, treading on the roof will cause the fasteners to loosen and the fastener waterproof pads to age, resulting in fastener leakage.

Second, the waterproof construction technology of the container mobile houses living in unreasonable material selection and aging.

Third, cracks around these facilities, such as holes in residential container roof panels, various fans and exhaust pipes, are not well treated; the deformation of roof panels and the cracks at the joints expand to destroy the original waterproof After treatment, due to the influence of external conditions, wind load, snow load, thermal expansion and contraction and other factors caused water leakage in the use of residential containers.

Fourth, the drainage ditch of the living container house has no slope in the horizontal direction, and the design of the drainage outlet is unreasonable. In case of heavy rain, the water in the drainage ditch cannot be discharged, and the water is returned to the cornice in the drainage ditch; the drainage ditch of the living container Anti-corrosion is not in place during the construction process, resulting in corrosion of the drainage ditch, or slag blocking the drainage port, etc., may cause water leakage or backwater.

The four main reasons we can avoid completely. When we transport and install people's container houses, we pay more attention to protection, like to handle ceramics, make full use of it, and frequent maintenance can only avoid rainwater leakage, such as anti-corrosion measures, etc. can not be forgotten. We cannot ignore these four reasons, and only in this way can we extend its service life.

Use waterproof materials, according to the precautions for use. Guangzhou Iron and Steel Company pointed out that every step must be interlocked, and no one link can fail, in this process strict quality control. As long as the steel structure is designed and made of materials, there will be no major problems, so this is very important.

In addition, it should be noted that if a leak occurs, remedial measures should be taken. During use, some detours are reduced to ensure the safety and accuracy of the materials.

The daily use of container houses will inevitably encounter health problems. Because the entire area of ​​container houses is relatively small, it is relatively easy to clean and clean. Some friends may live in this container house for a long time. For a period of time, the usual cleaning may want to be done by yourself.

The cleaning of the container house can be started from these aspects. For example, there will be a coffee table in the container house, there will be tables and chairs. If you have floor tiles, it will be easier to clean up. If it is a carpet, it will be very difficult to clean.

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