The domestic steel structure industry has great development potential

Update:09 11, 2018
Abst:Although the domestic steel structure industry has developed, it accounts for le...

Although the domestic steel structure industry has developed, it accounts for less than 1% of the national residential buildings and small and medium-sized bridges, and the development space is huge. The country is building a collaborative innovation platform to make the development of steel structure a new way for domestic steel demand transformation.

This is what the reporter learned from the third conference of the National Assembly-style Steel Structure Civil Engineering Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance held recently in Yangpu, Shanghai.

According to the national assembly-oriented steel structure civil construction industry technology innovation strategic alliance, China's steel structure industry has achieved certain development. Last year, domestic steel output exceeded 800 million tons, steel structure output was about 50 million tons, and steel structure manufacturers above designated size exceeded 3,000, special construction qualification enterprises exceeded 10,000, and successfully built a large number of world-leading steel structure landmark projects.

But overall, the development of China's steel structure is still very lagging behind. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the proportion of domestic steel structure steel used in steel production was between 5% and 6%. In residential buildings and small and medium-span bridges, the proportion of steel structures is less than 1%, far below the level of developed countries.

Experts from enterprises and institutions in Baosteel Group and Tongji University believe that to promote the development of steel structures, especially the fabricated steel structure construction industry, it is necessary to build a service platform that embodies the strength of all parties in the industry and jointly develop the common technology of the industry. The established strategic alliance of technical innovation for fabricated steel structure civil construction industry is gradually developing into a comprehensive research and trading platform for the entire industrial chain of steel structure construction in China. This time, Shanghai Yangpu newly launched the focus on steel structure construction. Create space - "Lian Chuang Hui" to create a new industrial ecological innovation model and carry out joint innovation.

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