Advantages of the two floor modular house

Update:28 03, 2020
Abst:What are the advantages of the two floor modular house? 1. Applicable to constru...

What are the advantages of the two floor modular house?

1. Applicable to construction, railway, highway, bridge, water conservancy, electric power, petroleum, tourism, military and other units. The house has the characteristics of tight sealing, heat insulation, waterproof structure, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, beautiful appearance, strong and stable, random increase and decrease, random spacing, diverse colors and excellent performance, etc., which can meet the needs of different customers.

2.The cost of the trailer is very low, because of some characteristics of the trailer, compared with some brick houses, its cost is very low, and it can be recycled, and its service life is long. According to statistics, it is usually possible to reuse a trailer six times more than once. From these data, we can also understand that the comprehensive cost of trailers is relatively low.

3. The construction speed of mobile housing is very fast. A Jinan mobile housing installation team can install more than 500 square meters a week. This is unimaginable in the field of traditional construction. Such a construction will not generate construction waste. This undoubtedly also plays a very good role in protecting the environment, which is in line with current needs.

Mobile room is a new type of light-steel composite board room, with reasonable combination of materials and steel structure. It can achieve very good safety functions. The specific data are strong earthquakes above 7 and anti-typhoon functions above 12, which is difficult for ordinary houses to achieve. Therefore, they are widely used in some earthquake areas. 5, mobile houses have a long service life. Wide range of applications. Light weight, good stability, convenient installation, convenient transportation, and can be disassembled frequently.

Ventilation and drainage problems of the two floor container house

1. Open cabinet door or install exhaust fan

The room has a closed container shell, so for tenants, it is necessary to run an indoor air flow in a ventilation window in the hot summer. If the container cannot open the window, you can install an exhaust fan to solve it, so you can make the indoor air convection, so It won't make you feel like living in a sealed enclosure, you can enjoy breathing, abandon ventilation, and create a comfortable living environment for residents.

2. Install waterproof floor drain

Individuals can be installed in the container floor to prevent water leaks, thereby solving the problem of cooking in daily washing and constructing water and uninhabitable. Installation in the container design stage should be modified and implemented.

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