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Update:04 01, 2020
Abst:Many construction sites also use container board houses instead of traditional m...

Many construction sites also use container board houses instead of traditional mobile board houses. Especially the professional container board house has a high application rate. Container mobile houses are similar to building buildings. Level the surrounding and partition wall foundations. It is best to use reinforced concrete to make them stronger. Then stand up the pillars and connect the skeletons with transverse beams, and add partitions, external wall panels and door and window frames. The floor is installed one level up, then the roof trusses and roof slabs are installed; finally, doors and windows are installed to support vertically. There are sanitary ware, small hardware and the like.

In fact, this is a light steel structure, which is very similar to the heavy steel structure factory building. The concealed project of the container mobile house refers to the part that will be covered by the next process after the previous process is completed during the construction process. The "hidden project" is the key to the decoration of the living room. If the "hidden project" is not done well, the surface decoration will be even more beautiful, which is also futile.

"Hidden works" can be divided into water installation, electrical installation, and moisture and water resistance. Each of these items cannot be ignored, and if any link goes wrong, it may cause serious economic losses and even harm human safety. Identification of construction technology and materials for waterproofing projects to avoid unnecessary economic losses and injuries. So, what advantages does this new container board house have over traditional mobile board houses?

1. Improve transportation convenience

As a transportation device under the new technology, the container board house can be used for loading cargo for marine transportation or as a place of residence for timely replacement. Today, many construction companies use container board houses as new transportation tools to improve transportation convenience and avoid the hassle of installing and removing mobile board houses.

2. Firm and reliable

Today, most container board houses are made of stainless steel. The container room specially constructed with this stainless steel material has good earthquake resistance, and it is not easy to deform even when it is transported with a full load. Compared with mobile board houses, container board houses have higher security and reliability. In addition, some container boards have better thermal insulation performance and better sound insulation.

3. Easier disassembly

Old-fashioned mobile board houses cannot be constructed and assembled according to various conditions, while container board houses can be freely assembled. It can form a shack according to people's thoughts and actual needs, which can not only carry heavy weight, but also resist windy weather. In addition, due to the core plate and the steel frame used for the connection, the movable panel has low pressure resistance and is liable to fall in strong wind or heavy rain.

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