How to solve the insulation of container housing

Update:26 09, 2022
Abst:The hot summer heat is not want to move, container room in the construction site...
The hot summer heat is not want to move, container room in the construction site on the spot as a temporary sleeping room perhaps a common thing, but here low temperature many people will present some problems, it is in that kind of a hot summer can be settled, will not be hot in the sun? In fact, the container room in the summer, but also can do to prevent the summer heat, refreshing a summer. Do not believe, take a look! Container room in the summer is not easy to secondary performance of what it will be taciturn with the overall strength to prove that they can be, not easy to be this kind of problem to the difficult, container activity room in the construction of the condition is will take into account the different geographical areas of the seasonal climate natural environment of these elements.

Although today is the low temperature season, but the temperature inside and outside the temperature is very different, in the consumption and processing of the condition of the wall is added some thermal insulation raw materials, this raw material is pure natural new environmental protection material is not easy to form all the environmental pollution. The ordinary container activity room is dominated by white iron, in the summer settlement can enjoy like ordinary living room enjoy central air conditioning, refrigerator freshness, even if installed on the central air conditioning or reduce the temperature of household appliances, container activity room did not do heat insulation insulation equipment, then, in the direct sunlight is also very hot.

Container details will use the following three kinds of materials to stop heat insulation: 1. with gray and black thick steel plate, lined with polyethylene foam, through the consumption of processing into a kind of old-style construction decorative materials, such raw materials have a very high heat insulation and thermal insulation actual effect. 2. container room building conditions to enhance the thinness of the foam, with very good heat insulation and thermal insulation effectiveness. 3. rock wool board also has a certain heat insulation Insulation actual effect.

In the ancient society, as a set of low carbon environmental protection intelligent in one container housing is a very good choice. Container housing appearance is very delicate, heat insulation and thermal insulation effect is very clear, even in the southern winter also completely feel not a trace of cold outside. Container housing not only has the effect of heat insulation and heat preservation, and fire safety, sound insulation and noise reduction of the role of corrosion prevention is also very good.
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