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Update:21 09, 2022
Abst:In the past two years, the container prefab house has made many companies that d...
In the past two years, the container prefab house has made many companies that do integrated housing recover some cold sweat. The marketing trick of "renting a container for 6 yuan per day" has quickly occupied half of the temporary housing. Fewer processes, that is, hanging and use, wasting time for the project. And the price is reasonable, it really meets the "engineering" design. Even the boss of my country's integrated housing has to adjust its strategic planning to deal with the challenges of container prefabricated houses. It has fewer on-site procedures than the previous "disassembly-type mobile house", and it can be used immediately. It wastes time for the project, and the price is reasonable, which truly meets the "engineering" design.

The small appearance of container prefab houses makes many small and medium-sized prefab companies want to know its practices and get a share of it. Tomorrow, the editor will lead you to take a look at the container manufacturing process:

Step 1: Weld the frame of the mobile house with 140*50 channel steel around the steel frame chassis. The chassis beams of the living container mobile house with a size of 3m*6m are all welded with 4*8*2.0 square steel, and the spacing is 35 cm, the 6 columns of the house and the four-sided ring beams of the roof are all welded with 5*5*2.0 square steel.

The second step is the splicing of color steel plates. The wall panels and roof panels of this type of house are all made of 50mm thick pollution panels. Both sides are white. The standard size of the window is 930*1000 sliding windows. *2000, the chassis is all made of building templates with a thickness of 18mm, so that the load-bearing capacity is 200kg per square meter.

The third step is to lay the floor. After the main structure of the house is finished, a layer of high-grade floor leather should be laid on the chassis, so that the effect is warm, high-grade, clean and waterproof.

The fourth step is to install lighting equipment and air-conditioning holes. Ordinary lights are installed at both ends of the house, switches are installed next to the door, sockets are installed in the center 60 cm above the air, and the air-conditioning holes are opened diagonally opposite the door.

The fifth step is to install the anti-theft net, and the gap is sealed. The first step is to install the window anti-theft net, and apply the waterproof glue of the window door and roof panel. The waterproof glue of the roof panel must be the glass curtain wall waterproof glue. In the rain, the waterproof function can only last for half a year, I hope to help friends who are interested in manufacturing. Nowadays, there are too many manufacturers selling container prefab houses, and now many manufacturers of color steel houses have switched to container leasing business. There are also many varieties of container houses, corrugated board containers, and high-end packing houses. How to choose a container house? The mobile home network will summarize the following points for you, how to choose a container house.

1. To think about the quality of the container house The container house is the center that people use to experience the good life and live as a short-term dormitory. Therefore, the structural stability and safety of the house as well as the fire resistance are the important goals of the user. They are only resistant to wind and cold and have good fire and thermal insulation. A container house with high comfort is the most suitable container house for users.

2. Pay attention to which container house is better in terms of weather resistance and strength. Users must choose and judge according to the weather resistance and material strength of the product. Houses with good weather resistance and high strength are made of high-quality panels, which can make the house last longer and make the life of early users safer, thereby reducing maintenance costs and truly harming users.

3. Consider the price of the container house When people choose the container house, the price is also a big criterion, so when choosing, the user should compare and visit the market in time to ensure the price of the selected product. This article was written by Suzhou Zhongnan Steel
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