How to distinguish the quality of container houses


Due to the widespread use of the container office, whic […]

Due to the widespread use of the container office, which facilitates transportation and saves money and time, many factories will choose container houses as temporary residences. The quality of these container houses is related to the lives and property safety of the occupants, so the quality of container houses is the primary consideration. So, container houses in the market are mixed, how do we distinguish the quality of container houses?

The container house is mainly made of channel steel, and the sandwich panel is used as the wall ceiling. The quality of channel steel and sandwich panels directly affects the quality of container houses. From the outside, the difference between container houses is not very large, but in fact the thickness of channel steel is very different. The difference in aisle thickness determines the carrying capacity of the container house.

Channel steel is not thick enough. When subjected to pressure, it will easily deform and bend, which will cause the container chamber to deform, which will affect service life and may cause personal and property damage. Therefore, the selection of the channel steel of the container house strictly complies with the relevant regulations, and it is impossible to choose the channel steel that does not meet the specifications and save costs. If this is the case, it can easily cause big problems.

The quality of the sandwich panel is also very important. Qualified sandwich panels have the functions of fire prevention, fire prevention, heat insulation, environmental protection, noise prevention and so on. The quality of the sandwich panel determines the quality of the container house. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of sandwich panels when purchasing a container house.

These two points not only need attention, but also consider other aspects of the container house. A very simple solution is to choose a qualified company, choose a big brand, and make a lot of comparisons

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