Disinfect and cleaning when live in a container house


Why do container houses need to be cleaned and disinfec […]

Why do container houses need to be cleaned and disinfected? Healthy living starts from the surrounding area. Here, I will tell you that steam cleaning of container houses mainly uses high temperature degreasing or disinfection. Pay attention to the protection of high temperature damage during its operation. The first is the protection of personnel. After the container house is completely emptied, the steam cleaning method can be started.

Cleaning and disinfection methods for container houses-personnel protection must pay attention to:

1. The operator holds a valid job certificate to work;

2. The tools and hoses used by the operators meet the relevant requirements;

3. The labor insurance products used in the operation meet the specifications for the use of boiler labor insurance products;

4. The operating area is isolated by an isolation belt to prevent other personnel from inside, and signs are attached to warn.

Secondly, it is necessary to select the steam pressure and control the temperature in the tank and the cleaning time with reference to the container brand, the melting point of the cargo, and the relevant requirements of the customer. As long as the temperature is controlled within the temperature limit suitable for the container and the melting point of the cargo, steam cleaning generally does not damage the container box, but it may cause the valve seal to leak due to thermal expansion and contraction and extrusion. Steam cleaning is suitable for containers that require high temperature degreasing, deodorization and disinfection.

Container house cleaning method:

Chemical cleaning (such as the cleaning of epoxy resin, epichlorohydrin and other goods in containers), manual and mechanical cleaning (such as the cleaning of goods such as silica sol in containers), steam cleaning (such as the cleaning of goods in containers that are food grade) Cleaning of goods such as alcohol), mixed cleaning (such as the cleaning of latex and other goods in containers). Choosing the correct cleaning method can save costs, reduce waste liquid pollution to the environment, and reduce the damage to the cabinet caused by the uncomfortable cleaning method. At the same time, there are bound to be health, environmental protection, and safety issues in the cleaning process of containers, such as the collection and treatment of cargo residues during the cleaning process, the collection and treatment of exhaust gas, the collection and treatment of waste liquid generated during cleaning, the supervision of the cleaning process, and the quality of cleaning. Detection. These are all issues that people need to pay attention to.

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