December birthday PARTY


  On December 25, 2020, the whole city was illumin […]


On December 25, 2020, the whole city was illuminated and immersed in the peace of the festival. On this Christmas Eve, the friends from Zhongnan ushered in the birthday party in December. The friends who had been busy all day gathered together to celebrate birthdays for the birthday stars. Everywhere they could look were lovely smiling faces and exquisite faces. Fury Christmas decoration.

 The birthday party was held at 5 pm in Zhongnan as scheduled. The staff frozen them with birthday cards full of care and blessings, wishing them to realize their dreams and dreams. I believe that our full blessings will be received and buried in their hearts.

No matter how many winds and rains they experience, as long as they think back to the past moments, their hearts will be full of moving. It is friendship and care that let us get together and spend this unforgettable time together; it is Zhongnan who provides such a platform to let us know each other and let us remember this happy and tender day.

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