What's assemble container house?

Update:25 12, 2019
Abst:Assemble container houses’ windows are aluminum alloy single glass windows. The ...

Assemble container houses’ windows are aluminum alloy single glass windows. The doors are steel doors. The wall panels are rock wool sandwich panels. Why use rock wool sandwich panel ? First, the rock wool sandwich panel has a good seal. The sandwich panel is made of two layers of colored coated rolls and rock wool. Second, it is beautiful and environmentally friendly, with a smooth appearance, smooth and beautiful board surface, and tight seams. And the board can be recycled and reused without causing pollution to the environment. Third, it has a good sound insulation effect. According to the ISO 354/85 standard, the sound absorption performance of rock wool sandwich panels reaches DELTA LA = 15.7 dB (A). Rock wool sandwich panels also have significant effects in terms of fire prevention, heat insulation and so on. Due to the unique properties of rock wool, the service life of the assembled box can be used for more than 15 years.


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