• Quarantine Room


    The epidemic situation abroad is getting worse. South Korea began to learn from China's experience. Although there was no way to close the city, it began to learn from China's experience in treatment,...

  • Container House Epidemic Prevention Station


    The container is a mobile house which provides a high-quality temporary rest station for the staff of the prevention and control checkpoint. Tired and sleepy, let them have room to sleep. Why more epi...

  • Container houses' application in the future


    First of all, the container house has played a role in saving resources and avoiding waste of resources. We know that in many construction sites, there will be many workers, so accommodation or tempor...

  • Container mobile homes exhibition


    Container mobile homes are really useful. Not only for temporary housing for accommodation, but also for the mobile sales department. Our exhibition can be huge and can accommodate multiple real estat...

  • The ever-changing container house


    Our container houses have many uses. It is not only a place where many people live, it can also be a container community with hotels, shopping malls, offices, etc. The container house can be construct...

  • Incomparable advantages of container houses


    Container houses can create various three-dimensional shapes, so they are now widely used in various simple buildings and artistic buildings. 1.Simple structure and easy assemble The container houses ...

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