• Can living container houses adapt to changing weather?


    The popularity of living container house gradually made it into people's horizons, and everyone gradually accepted this kind of house. However, some people are still not at ease. Compared with traditi...

  • Mobile Container Toilet


    The mobile container toilet gets its name because of its mobility. It is different from the traditional solid toilet! And the general toilet size, the benefits are very significant! There is no restri...

  • Suzhou Zhongnan Container House Factory Ships One Week


    Nowadays,why is the demand for container house increasing? Container house are mainly because they can be used in various occasions, such as hospitals, workers' housing, shops, etc. The Huoshenshan Ho...

  • Container house type


    What is the difference between container mobile houses, container villas, residential containers, and container mobile houses? Container mobile house Container mobile house is a type of mobile house. ...

  • What are the advantages of container houses?


    In most people's minds, the container mobile house has been a kind of transportation equipment for a long time, imported to China from abroad. Due to its good durability and convenience, container hou...

  • what should be paid attention to in the construction of container house?


    All kinds of national infrastructure projects need to be stationed on the construction site for a long time. The project leader needs to provide temporary residence for rest; the logistics personnel w...

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